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A Nobel Court for Creativity

The Creative Lab is a safe haven for creativity. A space where we are free to express ourselves creatively, exchange skills and learn from each other.

Bringing together a diverse, dynamic, international and local community in beautiful surroundings for all to ignite their creativity.

We will be Focusing on The Performing Arts, education, Food and Ecology.


Everyone is Creative.

Creativity helps us adapt to every change we are bound to encounter in life, whether it be a difficult or joyful situation the ability to approach any situation with a creative mindset will enhance your experience. Creativity alleviates stress, releases endorphins, improves brain function and stimulates productivity. Creativity allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with ourselves and others. It develops our imagination and our physical, mental and emotional strength..

What happens in the Creative Lab ?

Hands-on creative learning experiences. classes, workshops, lectures, summits, conferences, retreats, as well as periods where we welcome performing artists to have a residence exchange with artists in other fields.

The space itself is welcoming, inclusive and dynamic providing a venue for workshopping as well as a small stage for performing concerts, dance and theatre plays, a garden to grow in, a kitchen to cook in all leading to possibilities of festivals a pop-up restaurant as well as events for the cooperate world.

Play and learning are like two wings of a butterfly – one cannot exist without the other.

Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children






I think there is a great deal to the idea of not doing a thing, but that when you do a thing, you don’t do it in five minutes or in five hours, but in five years. I think there’s an element in the slowness of the execution that adds to the possibility of producing something that will be durable in its expression, that will be considered important five centuries later.

Marcel Duchamp


Beauty is inherent in everything we do. Beauty enhances how we interact with each other and relate to the world around us.

Collaborations and social responsibility are nurtured when we create together, values we wish to encourage, share and pass on.

The principles of a circular economy will guide us in the creation of a creative business with economic and social impact always in accordance with Mother Earth.


The quality that play and work have in common is creativity.
Play is called recreation because it makes us new again, it re-creates us We need a sense of flow, and being in the moment of play.

Stuart Brown, M.D.,clinical researcher, founder of the National Institute for Play and professor at Stanford University.


Slow down and enjoy cultural heritage, because the time it takes to make is as important as what you make. When we feel at home and are fully at ease, we can learn and create beauty; inspire each other with useful skills so we can enjoy the simple pleasures like baking bread, making a cushion or a pot, cooking a delicious meal, singing a song or writing a poem..