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Creative Festive Greetings Gallery

Online course held on Sunday 29th November 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Sunday of Adventure.

It was such a pleasure for us to make, write, tree-talk, share, cut and create a forest of joy together with all of you. Please do keep sending us your wonderful photos and thoughts, inspiration is a two way thing…

“I learnt to ‘see the circle’ as I’m cutting, to be free and imaginative when ‘writing’
and to let things come and be as they are.” @vita_and_violet

“… thank you for bringing your joy of creativity into my home” @joruth

“…sexy new art collective Two by Two creators…” @nyeconant

Thank you so much; it was so nice to spend the last hours of sunday afternoon with all of you… you were all so talentuous…
Véronique Ruggieri

I am so happy that you are hosting these events… I hope you are encouraged to do even more of them…your events cost less than a liquorice Christmas Calendar from ‘Bulows’, spreads more joy and lasts longer.

Just so happy to have received the recording, now I can do it all over again , Can’t wait till Next Sunday.
Cecile Moatti

I really enjoyed your class today, we had 3 generations of our family together, looking forward to attending more classes in the future… It was so refreshing to be in such a fun, creative and positive atmosphere with all of you.