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Casa Bene*dix gives you the space
to express yourself creatively 

1) Creative Lab
Artists, creators makers work on a dream, a project, an idea. 
Lab guests will have the time and the space to explore their creativity. 

2) Groups/Companies 
A great way to apply creativity and play into your team to enhance sustainability and joy in the work you  are doing.  
A natural way of detoxing and living.
Finding that what you need is already within you.

3) Young adults 
Looking for their path in life. A stay here offers the opportunity to connect with inspiring creatives and mentors through workshops in poetry, cooking, dancing, cleaning, singing, music and performance. 

4) Families
Reconnect and explore with creativity. Play and see your parents or your children thrive.

5) Children
Learning through play. Day trips and experiences spent here will include planting your own kitchen garden, baking, cooking, dancing, singing, theatre, sleeping in a tent and stargazing in the beautiful grounds of Casa Bene*dix.

Creativity isn’t a switch that’s flicked on or off; it’s a way of seeing,
engaging and responding to the world around you …

… The task of modern man is not to find his inner self, but to create himself.
Rod Judkins artist, writer and speaker – Central St.Martins London