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Shine a Light – Santa Lucia

Online course held on Sunday Sunday 13th December 2020

Thank you for joining us for another evening of collective warmth and togetherness.

Combining the powerful story and heritage of Santa Lucia with the exquisitely tender unravelling of scent creation was enough to light a new flame of curiosity in us all. Adding the top note of magical storytelling then touched the soul of all who listened. Truly heartwarming.

“Thank you for the pure creativity and bubbles and joy!!” Tanya
“What sensational ideas all of you have given us…”
Jody Moore

“You ladies never cease to amaze me – SUPERB!” Chiara
“So much inspo at last night’s workshop. Thank you…” 

“Thank you for shedding some much needed light on Yorkshire” @joruth 
Magic of light and scent… thank you…” @paola50122