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Creative Festive Greetings Gallery

Online course held on Sunday 6th December 2020

It has been so lovely to read all your comments and see the wonderful photos that you have been sending to us. In response to the question, ‘Will there be more?’ The answer is YES. We are planning 2hr online courses delving deeper into the world of Frida Kahlo, beginning in February 2021 with conversations about the passionate love letters between her and Diego Rivera; the flowers will grow only more intense…

“…it’s Monday and I can’t stop cutting…” Hannah
“What a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Can’t wait for next week.” Marilyn

“Such a great moment to spend with my teenage daughter” Nicki

“So happy sharing this moment with you all” Rosa

If you look closely you will notice this is not actually a real flower. Believe it or not it is made out of paper, by me, during a fabbydabbydozy workshop with the amazing @twobytwocreators.
Rupert Conant

Thank you: for the delightful Frida flower making workshop/lecture

A fabulous ode to Frida